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Wireless Charging Atmosphere G Lamp
Wireless Charging Atmosphere G Lamp
Wireless Charging Atmosphere G Lamp

Wireless Charging Atmosphere G Lamp

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Introducing our NEW LED App Control RGB Atmosphere Lamps, a versatile and multi-functional device that combines a wireless charger, night light, digital alarm clock, and speaker. With its innovative features and sleek design, this product is perfect for creating a soothing and vibrant ambiance in any room, especially children's bedrooms.

Key Features:

  1. Wireless Charging: Equipped with 15W wireless charging capability, our product offers fast and efficient charging for compatible devices. Simply place your device on the charging pad for hassle-free charging.

  2. LED Lighting Modes: With 256 lighting modes to choose from, including solid colors, multi-color horse running effects, and customizable options, you can easily create the perfect atmosphere for any occasion. Use the linked app to adjust the lighting modes and choose from 16 million vibrant colors.

  3. Sleep Lamp and Sunrise Wake-Up Lamp: Create a calming environment with the sleep lamp mode, which emits a gentle and soothing light. The sunrise wake-up lamp gradually brightens the room, simulating the natural sunrise, and helps you wake up refreshed and energized.

  4. Bluetooth Audio: Enjoy your favorite music wirelessly with the built-in Bluetooth audio feature. Connect your device to the speaker and play music or audio content with clear and crisp sound quality.

  5. Digital Alarm Clock: Keep track of time with the digital alarm clock function. Set alarms to wake up on time and stay organized throughout the day.

Product Specifications:

  • Input Voltage: 12V/2.5A
  • Wireless Output: 5W-7.5W-10W-15W
  • LED Output: 10W
  • Bluetooth Audio Power: 3W
  • Material: ABS PC
  • Available Colors: Black, White
  • Lighting Modes: 256
  • Transmission Distance: 2-6mm
  • Charging Efficiency: 75%
  • Working Frequency: 100-205KHZ
  • Button Battery Capacity: 40mAh
  • Net Weight: 466g
  • Product Size: 22582230mm

Package Includes:

  • Smart RGB Night Light Wireless Charging Alarm Clock: 1
  • EU/US/UK/AU Charger: 1
  • Charging Cable: 1
  • User Manual: 1


  • This product comes with a quick charger for added convenience.
  • Please refer to the user manual for detailed instructions on using the product and its features.

Create a captivating and soothing ambiance in your room with our LED App Control RGB Atmosphere Lamps. Enjoy wireless charging, customizable lighting effects, Bluetooth audio, and more. Order now to elevate your sleep environment and enhance your bedroom decor!

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